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Forrest Gander - Panic Cure — Poetry from Spain


Forrest Gander - Panic Cure — Poetry from Spain

Paperback, 210pp, 9x6ins

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The poets featured in this volume are Antonio Gamoneda, Olvido García Valdés, Miguel Casado, Marcos Canteli, Sandra Santana, Benito del Pliego, Julia Piera, Ana Gorría, Pilar Fraile Amador, and Esther Ramón.


"This anthology charts some of my own enthusiasms; it isn't a comprehensive list. It seems more significant to represent ten substantial writers with a generous selection of poems than thirty or forty writers with one or two poems apiece. The ten poets collected here represent one of many possible configurations of an exploratory surge that signals a moment of change in Spain's literature. […] After stepping clear of a long dictatorship, after elections and new freedoms in Spain, every person and certainly every artist faces the question of what comes next. There is the panic of the blank page, the 21st century, a transformed and transforming world. And there is the cure, the curandero-poet, the vivifying impulse." (Forrest Gander)

"…Gander has chosen a small group of up-and-coming poets from Spain who unselfconsciously display a multiplicity of stylistic and procedural choices beyond constraints of national and generational identifications. Many of them are translators of unfixed abode. Yet they share with Antonio Gamoneda, Olvido García Valdés, and Miguel Casado — the three established voices that open the selection — a space of writing marked by non-linear, disjunctive, de-centered, multivocal, self-reflexive, linguistic acts. Truly individual poets and poems defamiliarize the reader’s general sense of identity and affiliation in any history. A bilingual anthology only increases defamiliarization — as Miguel Casado argues, translation is 'an experience of foreignness'. …Panic Cure can be a cure for panic and a cure by panic. In this sense, it is not a remedy, but it may bring relief to poets trying to open unpredictable poetic itineraries within a 'tradition against itself,' beyond debates about the linear traditions established by literary history." —Daniel Aguirre Oteiza, from the Introduction to the volume.


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