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Rosalia de Castro - Selected Poems


Rosalia de Castro - Selected Poems

Paperback, 132pp, 8.5x5.5ins 
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Translated from Galician & Spanish by Michael Smith.

This selection covers the author's work in both of her languages—her native galego (gallego in Spanish, Galician in English) and also the Castilian lingua franca. A revolutionary figure in both languages, albeit for different reasons, her work is an essential stepping-stone on the way to 20th-century Spanish poetry, and — in Galician — the beginnings of modern poetry in the language. Much misunderstood and indeed under-rated in her time — above all by the major (male) Castilian poets—she came to be viewed in the 20th century as a major figure by poets such as Garcia Lorca and Luis Cernuda. This is the first major collection of her work in English since the 1930s, and selects work from both her Castilian and her Galician books.


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