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David Jaffin - Time shadows


David Jaffin - Time shadows

Paperback, 370pp, A5 format

Time shadows is the 2010 collection by expatriate American poet David Jaffin.

"David Jaffin is a prolific American poet whose work uses the minimum possible means of expression in order to reach for the essentials in his subject matter… The limpid texture of his work resists quotation or excerption; his deceptively simple surfaces use the tensions inherent in the vocabulary to oipen up new horizons. Delicate creations, his poems tend to be wonderfully light lyrics." (www.bogpriser.dk)

"Jaffin's poetry is as 'modernist' as abstract painting while still poetry in the traditional sense, whose purpose is the verbalization of basic human experience and whose form derives from a serious exploration of language… it is remarkable what depth of experience Jaffin manages to relate through his severely limited vocabulary and imagery" —Victor Teras


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