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Peter Redgrove & Penelope Shuttle - The Terrors of Dr Treviles


Peter Redgrove & Penelope Shuttle - The Terrors of Dr Treviles

Paperback, 170pp, 8.5x5.5ins

Introduced by Brian Louis Pearce. Published by Stride, distributed worldwide by Shearsman Books.

The Terrors of Dr Treviles is the story of a vocation and a quest. The hero, Gregory Treviles, is a doctor whose healing gift is a terrifying and vivid imagination. His quest is to explore wherever his images lead and to discover in so doing the real use of these bizarre energies; the question he asks himself is 'And whom does this Grail serve?' His quest becomes entwined with the lives of his brilliant red-headed stepdaughter Robyn, a molecular biologist who is also a witch; of another doctor, Brid Hare, who hides a secret she believes is shameful; and the deathly life of Trevile's deceased wife, Mamie. The energy liberated by Trevile's imagination changes all these lives, and involves a foolish saintly clergyman, Alex Bodkin, and many other creatures, such as blood-magic, slapstick comedy, Laurel and Hardy, Satan, and the University of Cornwall.

The Terrors of Dr Treviles is a romance of Science and the Supernatural; of ordinary but gifted people exploring the dark sides of their gifts in order to bring them into the light.


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