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Mark Goodwin - House At Out


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Mark Goodwin - House At Out

Published May 2015. Paperback, 9x6ins, 118pp
ISBN 9781848614185 [Download a sample PDF from this volume here.]

“In House At Out, Mark Goodwin steps beyond the physical landscapes of Back of A Vast, into a new topography: a world that is a “wild’s inf i nite b its” approached through the gaps and hollows in the word. The holes are apertures as we zoom into language, crack open word hordes and find worlds of association, “hole keys” with which we open kinetic lands as nimble as “music thinking of water”. Here are poems that “house and home // and hone a mind of sky-leaf sheets.” Step out with this book and relish the trip elsewhere.” —Simon Perril

"'House At Out is an echo in a cave you've just discovered, a canopy that lets the light through, a fast river, ready to be waded. The language is full of pores, breathing spaces, places where you can catch your own thoughts or find the gaps where 'tiny homes within a home' exist and 'a shiny poem coils'." —Helen Mort

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