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George Economou - Unfinished and Uncollected


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George Economou - Unfinished and Uncollected

ISBN 9781848614369. Paperback, 9x6ins. 100pp. Download a sample PDF from this book here.

"Invaluable as they are, these retrieved Cavafy poems at moments seem a prologue to Economou's own, so deeply has he assimilated, in the course of decades of translation, both the older poet and the store of Greek classic poetry in which he also was invested. But the very American wit and formal hijinks are Economou's own, as are the grace, for instance, of an epithalamion that Sappho might have sung—this isn't pastiche, but a bringing of past into present, as Cavafy did, and also of present into past. This is the stance of irony, which demands a double vision. As its final gift this eloquent book treats us to a fractured narrative of the poet's education in the irony that is and has been an essential armament of survival for those in both his benighted lands." ––Mark Weiss

Three cheers for continuations, real or imagined, for the various post-Homerica, even for the chimerical Lollius, and Henryson's Testament of Cresseid. Economou’s steering of Cavafy's Ta Atelē to their unwritten télē ought to remind us that without Wide Sargasso Sea, Jane Eyre would still be a sad little non-starter." ––Stavros Deligiorgis 
“George Economou is one of those rare writers, like the ancient Ananios, whom you wish you had invented, even if he exists. He can show how the world is finished in poetry, as poetry is a way to unfinish words. He can also set the angels straight by demonstrating that translation and poetry as half-siblings are often more interbred than offspring of a common tongue. Cavafy should be pleased.” ––Yiorgos Chouliaras 

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