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David Miller - Spiritual Letters (Series 6)



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David Miller - Spiritual Letters (Series 6)

Published 2015. Chapbook, 8.5 x 5.5ins, £6.50. ISBN 978184614550 [Download a sample PDF from this volume here.]

“The word ‘spiritual’ is, in this volume, ripped away from the New Age and returned to its sources in Kabbalah and early Christian (gnostic) writings. But it carries with it the world as we have it now. A heap of horrors, remnants, a sense of the feminine under assault, and the drive to love. Therefore the dimensions are multiple and unstable. To be human is to be a spiritual entity more aligned with nature than with culture, and therefore to rebel. I am happy to have and to hold this book.”  —Fanny Howe, on Series 1-5 of Spiritual Letters

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