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Anthony Caleshu - The Victor Poems



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Anthony Caleshu - The Victor Poems

Published 2015. Paperback, 102pp, 8.5x5.5ins.
ISBN 9781848614314 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
“Anthony Caleshu’s Victor is a wild ride, an arctic adventure, a spirited quest narrative, a mad love poem to the imagination in all its unstrung wild joys. The exuberance of address in this poem is contagious, at once zany and intimate, descriptive and lyric, it's pedal to the metal and won't let up. Caleshu is an extremely gifted and accomplished poet and a true romantic to boot.” —Peter Gizzi
"Who is Victor? Like Browning's Waring he eludes the grasp of his friends and admirers, but remains a vital presence in their lives. Anthony Caleshu's superb long poem conjugates our needs and our guilts, our misfortunes and our longings, by narrating an epic quest through polar regions in an aphoristic idiom that dazzles and shimmers like an arctic horizon. Victor lurks somewhere, perhaps up ahead, perhaps behind. 'What's so great about Victor?' the journeying band of brothers are occasionally asked. You must read this poem to find out." —Mark Ford

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