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Simon Perril - Beneath


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Simon Perril - Beneath

Published 2015. Paperback, 82pp, 8.5 x 5.5ins.
ISBN 9781848614406 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
Simon Perril’s new collection is the twin to his Archilochus on the Moon, and continues his exploration of the tangled roots of ancient Greek lyric. A nekyia is an underworld story preserving a rite from classical antiquity wherein the living call up the dead, and are questioned about the future. Neobulé was the bride-to-be of the first lyric poet, Archilochus—until her father inexplicably called the marriage off and incurred the most infamous poetic wrath in literary history. The soldier-poet’s scurrilous response shamed the entire family into committing suicide. Beneath tracks Neobulé’s arrival in Hades; and voices her gradual understanding of shadehood. She may be “a chorus of gasps / no lyre can pluck”, but can still recall being “more shade above / in the mud-brick groves / of kitchens”.

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