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Elsa Cross - Beyond the Sea


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Elsa Cross - Beyond the Sea

Translated from Spanish by Anamaría Crowe Serrano

Published March 2016. Paperback, 9 x 6ins, 152pp.
ISBN 9781848613997 [Download a sample PDF from this volume here.]

Beyond the Sea brings together two book-length sequences first published in Mexico in the early years of the century, both taking their origins from Greece, a matter of central importance for the poet for many years. Fittingly, for subject-matter thoroughly drenched in the Greek past, the poems are odes and dithyrambs; the gods are there, imagery that has echoed across the centuries is here transposed into a limpid modern Mexican poetry, composed with the lightest of touches. Here the Mayans of Bonampak meet the Minoans of Knossos, united across the centuries and thousands of miles by their preservation in wall-paintings, and by their observer. Here the gods meet our gaze, and come forth, raised from the ashes of history. They are no dead; they are not forgotten; they have merely been sleeping only to be awoken by the poet. Elsa Cross is one of the most important living Mexican poets, and this fine translation does her work spectacular justice.


“Elsa Cross is one of the most personal voices in recent Latin-American poetry. Her work, already extensive, brings together some of the most perfect poems among those written by recent generations of Mexican authors. I say “voice” and not poetic writing; although its is written, above all it is spoken. Two opposed aspects are united in Elsa Cross: complexity of thought, and diaphanous diction.” —Octavio Paz

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