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Ilhan Berk - New Selected Poems 1947-2008


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Ilhan Berk - New Selected Poems 1947-2008

Translated from Turkish by George Messo. 
Published February 2016. Paperback, 200p, 9x6ins
ISBN 9781848614611 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
İlhan Berk has been called a literary Midas: everything he touches turns to poems. New Selected Poems shows us the full linguistic range and imaginative power of Turkey’s greatest experimental poet. With a large selection of poems drawn from over 60 years of work, New Selected Poems offers a unique and indispensable portal into the world of İlhan Berk. Berk’s poems quiver and spark with a language always pressing out against its own skin: sensual, erotic, strange and intimate, relaxed and humorous; poems in which smells, tastes, sights, sounds, and touch become the preludes for a reawakening of history, the body, the very world around us. If Berk himself is concerned with re-engaging a lost sensory world, then for many this volume will be a journey of discovery.

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