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Ron Winkler - Fragmented Waters


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Ron Winkler - Fragmented Waters

Translated from German by Jake Schneider
Published 2016. Paperback, 84pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £9.95 / $18
[Download a PDF sampler from this book here.]
Born in 1973, Ron Winkler is one of the leading poets of his generation in Germany.
“In his poetry he demonstrates in a sometimes hilarious, sometimes unsettling way how an ever greater part of what in the previous century we used to call ‘reality’ for the sake of convenience, has been expanded and shrunk to a virtual universe in which the tactile and audible are constantly zapped, sampled, filtered and twittered. The consequence is that “on a word level, our thought collapses into fragmented, labyrinthine and ridiculously large-scale concepts”. —Ard Posthuma

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