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Robert Vas Dias and Julia Farrer - Black Book


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Robert Vas Dias and Julia Farrer - Black Book

Published October 2016. Paperback, 64pp, 9.21 x 6.14ins, £12.95
ISBN 9781848614895 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
Black Book: An Assemblage of the Fragmentary is the first major collaboration between a poet and artist reacting to the worst humanitarian crisis since the second world war. In hard-hitting texts by Robert Vas Dias and vivid abstract images by Julia Farrer, Black Book takes as its point of departure the worldwide intolerance suffered by "the Other" reflecting their belief that "art is an individual commitment to the times we live in". Robert Hampson writes: "Black Book is an ethical response to a range of contemporary atrocities and acts of inhumanity… [confronting] us with what has become our common world since the initiation of the 'war on terror'. The book is experimental, exhibiting a variety of poetic and visual approaches, including texts composed by chance procedures, all illustrative of the state of fragmentation: what is left after bombardment, desecration, drownings, broken families.
Mel Gooding writes: “Vas Dias is an experimental poet whose language is always simple and direct, who does not beat around the bush, except to flush out a startling truth, transform the familiar to a strangeness. Farrer is an artist for whom the abstract is a means to the controlled expression of the deepest and most sharp feelings, to a refinement of poignancy, a stoic poise.”
“Listen to this black book bringing cruel comfort to a world as it is. And still dreaming of how it could be”, writes The Revd. Lucy Winkett, Rector of St. James’s Piccadilly.

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