Mishol, Agi

Agi Mishol - Less Like a Dove


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Agi Mishol - Less Like a Dove

Translated from Hebrew by Joanna Chen.
Published May 2016. Paperback, 86pp, 8.5 x 5.5ins
ISBN 9781848614765  [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
"Devoted in its irreverence and gently ferocious in its devotions, Less Like a Dove presents, in Joanna Chen's attentive and attuned translation, a robust selection of the work that has brought Agi Mishol to the forefront of contemporary Israeli poetry."
—Peter Cole
“Agi Mishol’s poems know how to tell a tale, to sing a song and also dance—all at one and the same time. I love the splendid surprises in them, the subtle and exact sadness, and the mysterious manner by which she makes this sadness overflow with a hidden joy. Agi Mishol is a wonderful poet.”
—Amoz Oz
"Agi Mishol, one of the most popular poets of Israel, captures the imagination and the heart of Israeli readers by observing common daily realities through a contemplative, sometimes meditative, perspective, negotiating the space between the mundane and the spiritual with a lively sense of humor. Having overcome such dissociations of sensibility, Mishol’s poems are flushed with a flow of vitality and freshness. With no undue emphasis, eschewing declarative pronouncements, the poet points to the important truths looming behind the veil of the trivial. Avoiding opacity and heaviness of any kind her carefully chosen words, semantically loaded to the brim, also throb with reined-in musicality and elan. Her current selection of poems … translated by Joanna Chen, represents the latest phase in the development of the poet’s work, now in full ripeness."
—Prof. Dan Miron, Columbia University, New York

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