Orozco, Gaspar

Gaspar Orozco - Book of the Peony


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Gaspar Orozco - Book of the Peony

Translated from Spanish by Mark Weiss. Bilingual edition. 
Published September 2017. Paperback, 96pp, 8.5 x 5.5ins, £9.95 / $18
ISBN 9781848615663 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
“Gaspar Orozco’s extraordinary Book of the Peony blew me away by a storm of quiet flame and blackness and nothing everythingness. I am writing this from Pont-Aven, where I have come to write about colonies and gatherings of artists,  before regaining (what an inapproprié  word,) and suddenly this poetry hits me in the Breton chill with—I can’t say what—a dark blaze when I expected I have no idea what?
    I had been thinking ah, peony, like pensée, like a beloved and delicate pansy of thought, but this peony is nearer the chrysanthemum of Japanese writing from long ago. This remarkable poetry brings the long ago into nowness, if I can put it like that. It lights from far and also near, burning.”
—Mary Ann Caws

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