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Laurie Duggan - Selected Poems 1971-2017


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Laurie Duggan - Selected Poems 1971-2017

Published February 2018. Paperback, 290pp, 9 x 6ins, £14.95
ISBN 9781848615731 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
“I think of how Pound defined the image as ‘that which presents an intellectual and emotional complex in an instant of time’; and, still being thoroughly sane back in 1913, he went on to say: ‘the natural object is always the adequate symbol’. Such an imagist doctrine has always been at the heart of Laurie Duggan’s sharp-eyed work, ever since the days when he was at the core of a group who got together at Monash, back in the 1960s.” —Chris Wallace-Crabbe
“Duggan’s is a poetry that determines to surprise: almost daring a reader to exclaim: you wrote like this about that?” —Alan Wearne, Sydney Morning Herald

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