Avik Chanda - Footnotes



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Avik Chanda - Footnotes

Paperback, 80pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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Footnotes, Avik Chanda's first collection of poetry in English, brings together his work over the past five years. In this, he has set out to explore a deeply personal emotional landscape, employing memory to create snapshots from a poetic autobiography. While some of the pieces have a purely personal emphasis, as in the title poem 'Footnotes', a breadth of allusion throughout the collection hovers on the periphery of three larger-than-life domains — Painting, Music and History, which are his chief interests. In much of Avik’s work, there is also a conscious effort to use language as a means to aspire to its synaesthetic equivalents in music and painting, so that words attain a Sonata form, as in 'Les Adieux' or echo the texture and tone of monochrome paintings, as in 'Composition in Grey' and 'Composition in Blue'.

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