Tom Lowenstein - Conversation with Murasaki


Tom Lowenstein - Conversation with Murasaki

Paperback, 100pp, 8.5x5.5ins 
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In contrast to the long, trans-cultural narratives of Ancestors and Species, Tom Lowenstein's new poetry is pared down in this volume to the briefest of utterances.

A long expensive journey. The landscape 

grown stranger. A space at the end

where there's no more to interpret.

* * *

Continuum of non-existence

interrupted by this interesting

temporary interlude.

Some comments on Tom Lowenstein's earlier poetry:

"Tom Lowenstein's poetry is probably unique in Britain." —Peter Riley "Your writing is unlike anything else — very new and alive, very strange and memorable." —Ted Hughes.

"An extraordinary work… a coherent, massive collection, integrating ethnology with a potent language and a discreet and truly courageous author presence. It's quite formidable." —Christopher Middleton on Ancestors and Species.

"One of the most significant events in the 1980s was the publication of Lowenstein's Filibustering in Samsara. This bypassed all the politicised style moves of the time and found its way out into a poetry of awesome complexity, depth and forward momentum." —Andrew Duncan


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