Shearsman 83 / 84



Available only direct from Shearsman Books.

Shearsman 83 / 84

Paperback, 108pp, 8.5x5.5ins

The first double-issue of Shearsman magazine for 2010. Kate Ashton, Paul Batchelor, James Bell, James Berger, Richard Berengarten, Peter Boyle, Marianne Burton, Susan Connolly, Martyn Crucefix, Carrie Etter, Janice Fixter, Kit Fryatt, Monica Gomery, Ralph Hawkins, Rachel Lehrman, Rachel McCarthy, Valeria Melchioretto, Nathan Shepherdson, Tupa Snyder, Craig Watson, Tamar Yoseloff. In addition there is an essay by Douglas Messerli, plus translations of poetry by Swantje Lichtenstein (by Kevin Perryman), of Gertrud Kolmar (by phlip kuhn & ruth von zimmermann), of Jorge Palma (by Peter Boyle) and of Ziba Karbassi (by Stephen Watts, with the author).

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