Andrew Brewerton - Raag Leaves for Paresh Chakraborty (paperback)


Andrew Brewerton - Raag Leaves for Paresh Chakraborty (paperback)

Paperback, 96pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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Raag Leaves… 'is a book of 37 eight-line lyrics — printed on the recto pages only — offered to the author's friend, the Bengali artist Paresh Chakraborty, one of whose pastel works graces the cover of these two editions. The collection demonstrates what some of us have known for some time — that Andrew Brewerton's quiet poetic voice is one of intense power. As Chris Goode wrote, of Brewerton's reading at the 2006 Cambridge Conference on Contemporary Poetry — 'the plastic resilience and the musical precision of these beautifully balanced and organised poems was utterly compelling'."


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