Brandi Homan - Hard Reds


Brandi Homan - Hard Reds

Paperback, 80pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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Hard Reds is the first collection of poems by Chicago-based poet and small-press publisher Brandi Homan.


Like the stream of cut-paper hearts in her Valentine Factory, Brandi Homan's poems are connected "at the blade's edge," are all "hard reds"—an intelligent and imaginative woman coming to terms with desire. This collection is an exciting "kick-start" for her electric voice. —David Trinidad

Homan's poems sizzle and shimmy — from firebirds to fire-breathers, legato to pizzicato, Harleys to Kawasakis, they dazzle with their light show and kinetic imagery. Homan's work is gunslinger-sure and full of pining and witty viciousness; when you enter her incandescent world, you'll feel like you're eating electricity in a red dress, or as she writes, "I bite and come away neon." These poems are Valentines drenched in gasoline; they'll make you forget "how to breathe without burning." —Simone Muench

"I love Brandi Homan's poems in Hard Reds. They ride language like a daredevil, talking tough while they strip down to their unabashedly hungry heart." —Joan Larkin

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