Sam Sampson - Everything Talks



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Sam Sampson - Everything Talks

Paperback, 92pp, 9x6ins

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A first book by a young New Zealand poet, whose work — experimental in form — owes much to music and to developments in American poetry in the latter half of the 20th century. While consciously stretching the limits of the poem, Sampson's work remains very communicative, powerful for both ear and eye.


"If the poems in this collection by Sam Sampson are mysterious, they are also as true to immediate fact — informed by a particularly New Zealand nostalgia and sense of loss — as the poet can make them. In these poems of history and geography, of ships and sky, of flotsam and jetsam in an imaginary sea, many different voices may be heard… everything talks." (from the cover of the New Zealand edition, published simultaneously by Auckland U.P.).

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