Will Stone - The Sleepwalkers


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Will Stone - The Sleepwalkers

Published March 2016. Paperback, 82pp, 8.5 x 5.5ins
ISBN 9781848614727 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
A new collection from award-winning poet Will Stone, whose poems have been described as haunting, beautiful, savage, lyric and visionary, inventive, searing yet poignant, mesmerising and original.
     Like its predecessor Drawing in Ash, Sleepwalkers ranges across Britain and continental Europe, past, present and future, conjuring extraordinary visions of beauty and despair, joy and horror, revelation and nostalgia. From delicate insight to apocalyptic rage, the glory and savagery of human achievement and destruction is set against the majestic power and fragility of nature. 
'Will Stone is the lycanthrope of contemporary poetry, a haunter of the haunted, at loose in the European necropolis. He is drawn to the darker edge of genius, attuned to the shades of Kleist and Trakl, of Rodenbach and Verhaeren ... a true initiate in the noble art of melancholy.' —Stephen Romer
‘Will Stone is the sharp-eyed beachcomber on the shore of our self destruction, read him before the tide comes in.’ —Hugo Williams
Reviews for Will Stone's previous collections: 
Stone has a definite flair for a striking image … his jarring visions of a profligate civilization trapped in a fatally debased environment are rawly compelling.'  
—Sarah Crown, The Guardian
'It is clear that Stone has, as poets must, thoroughly absorbed poetic tradition in order to produce a new voice that, while it owes everything to what has come before, is nonetheless entirely original.' —Simon Darragh, The London Magazine
'Striking and poignant … Bleak and beautiful, the poems elegize and bear witness, lamenting the emptiness at the heart of Western society.' —Zoe Brigley, Agenda

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