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Philip Kuhn - at maimonides table


Philip Kuhn - at maimonides table

Paperback, 148pp, 9x6ins

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at maimonides table is constructed out of a complex series of unstable texts woven through four inter-locking books. Although there is no easily defined path through this work there is perhaps a half-remembered clew, in book two, which takes as its starting point the well known Talmudic story of the four who entered the "garden" — a parable which can also be read for the dangers confronting those who seek PaRaDiSe. Here is an exploration of an im/possible ethics of messianic faith promising earthly redemption through those four exegetical portals of Talmudic reading. But such messianic longing also sits uneasily when cast in the shadows of a history steeped in so much pain & suffering.


Whilst this long book-length poem appears to confront specifically Jewish themes it can also be read and thought-through in non-denominational ways, not least because at its core lie questions concerning how we (individually and collectively) might still learn to become ourselves in peaceful relationship with others.

"It is somehow I think a very considerable piece … full of powerful resonances out of the sounds and rhythms, and abstract qualities of the actual words, that takes on a life above the often difficult intellectual matter […] I think it is a very considerable piece of poetry, and not like anything else I know." —Fred Beake

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