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Tamara Fulcher - Recreation of Night



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Tamara Fulcher - Recreation of Night

Paperback, 92pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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A first collection of poems by Edinburgh-based poet, Tamara Fulcher, winner of the 2006 Geoffrey Dearmer Prize.


David Harsent praised Tamara Fulcher's prize-winning poem, 'Choirsinger' — included in this volume — saying: "This bleak little domestic drama of loss and loneliness is cleverly understated. In fact, its tragedy lies in restraint — an economy that extends into technique.… The narrator breaks off, now and then, to punctuate the poem with intense images that characterise the event and act as counterpoint to a series of utterances the sheer banality of which is, ironically, an indicator of their power to hurt. You can almost hear the echoes… The level tone of the piece gives everything away — the fear of feeling, the expectation of neglect; and the lines find just the right weight to allow us to witness the little tableau, static for only a moment, the arrested motion, the averted eyes, the damage done, the damage yet to come".

"The poems are full of subtle and menacing glimpses into the murkier depths of human conduct. Love, here, is something brutal and emptied and the poems savour their bitter voyeurism… The writing throughout is barbed and fierce, full of a grim comedy of distaste and relish." (Charles Bainbridge, The Guardian, 17 May 2008)

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