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Anne Gorrick - I-Formation Book 2


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Anne Gorrick - I-Formation Book 2

Paperback, 150pp, 9x6ins

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I-Formation in its entirety is comprised of four separate groups of poems, that when ordered in a particular way, tell a Genesis story. The first book (2010) begins in a garden and ends with an incarnation of Eve meeting her coeval. The break between books expresses a break in the story.  Something has happened.  Something perhaps as simple as eating an apple. The second book addresses the things we are left with once we are thrown out of the garden — co-identity and depiction, the self and landscape. The first section of the second book is a collection of poems based on anagrams of people’s names, and forms a relationship map of this poet’s life. The final section is comprised of poems based largely on the Hudson Valley landscape, a world exterior to and surrounding the garden.


"Anne Gorrick echolocates with 'ninja canniness' a mythos and topology of selves amidst and against haunted weathers and 'feral dollars.' I-Formation, Book 2 is a book of spider nests and tennis nets, a vibrant book of Genesis (continued). But most of all it is a hot web of keyword alter egos and shifting stakes, where 'Misnomers simmer like memoirs.'"?—Tom Beckett

"Anne Gorrick's I-Formation, Book 2 is exuberant writing. Expanding fields of vision communicate with what is imperceptible, undisclosed and under the surface. That is to say, the tactile and sensual border on forthcoming presences, what is yet to become — there is so much tension and anticipation in this not-yet future. To get there, marvelous syntax is used. These realms are in a radius, like local color, proximate to the body, felt. This book is the universe." —Brenda Iijima


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