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Cralan Kelder - Give Some Word


Cralan Kelder - Give Some Word

Paperback, 96pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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A is for Accessible. Give Some Word is a somewhat irreverent book of poems. Cralan Kelder believes that people who read poetry should be delighted, not confused. Poems are not  riddles. The poetry in Give Some Word is no exception; equal parts distilled language, contrary, and pushing everyday language out of conformity. Humor lurks just below the surface in many these shorter, condensed poems.


Some apparent influences; Carver, Brautigan, Corman, Sakaki, Bukowski, Lax, the Jargon Society and a hundred others. The narrative wanders across 3 continents, and derives partially from publications over the past 10 years by Coracle, Longhouse, Blue Press, and many generous magazine editors.

Like Buddhist koans it makes no sense to try and unpick how Kelder's best poems work — they just do. The language, concept and experience are all one.

Kelder is a morning poet, he's up before the sun to make raspberry tea and politicise his croissants, hoping he'll be the next in line for the sun's address — after Mayakovsky and O'Hara — but in the mean time his delight is in sharing his observations (the autobahn, the finches) through his art. The clarity of his address occupies the place where language is thought, speech poetry where all pretence is stripped. These are real the poems of a poet drifting his mind over the domestic clutter of an ordinary day. —Chris McCabe

Cralan Kelder's writing is delightfully intoxicating and fresh—his pungent perspectives enliven the world. —Naomi Shihab Nye

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Cralan Kelder does not employ his poems as armatures for hidebound rhetoric or as floorshows for linguistic acrobatics, but cleaves instead to immediacy’s insistence with words and thought-tropes that sparkle like the many facets of everyday consciousness, in a teleological real-time that is both arresting and fluxional. Give Some Word gives us all that and more. —Mark Terrill


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