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Edward Dorn - Two Interviews


Edward Dorn - Two Interviews

Paperback, 102pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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Edited by Gavin Selerie and Justin Katko


Edward Dorn's Two Interviews brings together two largely unseen interviews from 1971 and 1981, conducted in Vancouver and London, with Tom McGauley, Brian Fawcett, John Scoggan, Stan Persky, J.H. Prynne, Ralph Maud, and Gavin Selerie. Published alongside the interviews are uncollected extracts from Dorn's Day & Night Report (1971), extracts from his unpublished prose work Juneau in June (1981), and three uncollected poems from 1981. Along with Justin Katko's preface to the book, which focuses on Dorn and Prynne's 1971 trip to Vancouver, and an extended introduction to the 1981 interview by Gavin Selerie, which deals with Dorn's geographical and linguistic alignments, particularly those relating to his first period in England, this book includes unpublished photographs, and a bibliography of Dorn interviews.

"The kind of wild, loose, broad-gauge scan that I was used to thinking in the States obviously didn't prevail here [in England]. The whole introduction to my ear of tone in the language and the resultant class definition that derives from that — all those things were new to me… I started all over in a sense and got a new hitch on the way I thought about things, in that it was always marvellous for me to hear the English speak in all their various tongues among themselves. You don't get that in the States at all; you get a kind of regional wiseness and a characteristic speech from various broad regions but you don't get actual tongues being articulated. You might but they're not used as definitions of persons really, except in the grossest sense; so that was all brand new. But the significant thing is that the people who have been important to me on this side — after Olson — are about the same number in such a small country as there have been in America." (Edward Dorn, from 'The Riverside Interview')


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