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Laurie Duggan - Crab & Winkle



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Laurie Duggan - Crab & Winkle

Paperback, 164pp, 9x6ins

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Crab & Winkle is a warped Shepherd's Calendar for the age of climate change — a journal of Australian poet Laurie Duggan's first year as a resident in England, it centres specifically on the area of East Kent where he lives, featuring excursions and interludes elsewhere in Britain, the Continent and North Africa. The book's title comes from an old railway route in the heart of Duggan's new territory.


"Crab and Winkle is fine, a whole range of especially English connotations — the Dickensian law firm, the seaside pub, the ancient board game, the wheedling ingratiation (as in 'crab and winkle one's way into someone's good books'), some early industrial tool dedicated to a single task (removing stones from wheat?), as well as the ghost of another phrase = grab and wrinkle". —Murray Edmond

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