José Kozer - Tokonoma - English-only edition


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José Kozer - Tokonoma - English-only edition

Published October 2014. Paperback, 132pp, 9 x 6ins
ISBN 9781848613850 [Download s sample PDF from this volume here.]
Translated from Spanish by Peter Boyle. English-only edition.
A tokonoma is an alcove in a traditional Japanese house, which serves to display a scroll, ikebana or a special painting or print. It is also a kind of code-word in neo-baroque Hispanic writing, having been much used by the movement’s founder and inspiration, Cuban poet José Lezama Lima. Here the tokonoma is part of José Kozer’s linguistic armoury: another Cuban poet, but this time one in exile in the USA and, by common consent, the doyen of the current Hispanic neo-baroque. Here Kozer engages with Japanese and Chinese poetry, learning, myth and much more besides. This is Kozer’s second collection with Shearsman, following Anima (2011). This is identical to the bilingual edition, save for the absence of the original Spanish texts, which enables us to set the retail price at a more attractive level.
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