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Peter Robinson - An Unofficial Roy Fisher


Peter Robinson - An Unofficial Roy Fisher

Paperback, 222pp, 9x6ins

Published to coincide with the poet's eightieth birthday, An Unofficial Roy Fisher is a showcase for the work of this extraordinary contemporary British poet. It begins with graphic work by Ronald King and Ian Tyson, and then an unofficial gathering of poems and prose pieces covering the writer's entire career, none of which are to be found in The Long and the Short of It — Poems 1955–2005, his most recent collected edition. This is followed by a poet's poets' anthology of works by Fisher's extensive international following among significant contemporaries and juniors, including Fleur Adcock, Peter Didsbury, Laurie Duggan, August Kleinzahler, R.F. Langley, Angela Leighton, John Matthias, Tom Raworth and John Wilkinson. This is followed by a group of informal essays and other prose comments on working with Fisher or Fisher's work by, among others, Charles Lock, Peter Makin, Ralph Pite, Richard Price, and David Wheatley. Finally, Derek Slade, the poet's devoted bibliographer, provides a memoir of his tireless researches and a checklist covering the decade since the most recent version of his exemplary guide, published in The Thing about Roy Fisher — Critical Studies ed. John Kerrigan and Peter Robinson (2000). All in all, An Unofficial Roy Fisher is a must-have for the poet's fans, new and old, with its sequence of intriguing insights into the oeuvre and abiding significance of this unique literary artist.

"utterly and unmistakably English" — Denise Levertov

"something altogether rare in contemporary British poetry" — David Sexton

"reading his poems is a cathartic and exhilarating experience" — John Ash

"a major figure… inventive, exciting and unpredictable" — Eleanor Cooke


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