Berengarten, Richard

Richard Berengarten -  Changing


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Richard Berengarten - Changing

Published September 2016. Paperback, ca. 560pp, 9 x 6ins, £19.95 / $35
ISBN 9781848615076 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
Richard Berengarten’s Changing is the most ambitious poem ever written outside the Chinese language in honour of the Book of Changes, or Yijing [I Ching]. Changing is a homage both to this ancient text and to Chinese history and culture. The poem takes direct inspiration from the Chinese classic, as well as its form and the inter-relationships of its parts. The work is a remarkable achievement in its own right and a living testament to the enduring and universal quality of the Yijing. Berengarten has been exploring the Yijing for more than 50 years.
The book has a preface by Edward L. Shaughnessy, Professor in Early Chinese Studies at the University of Chicago. The calligraphy is by Yu Mingquan, Professor in Calligraphy at Shandong University of Art and Design.
In 2017, Richard Bernengarten was awarded the Xu Zhimo Silver WiIlow Award for this book.
“This is Berengarten’s magnum opus.”
— John Matthias, poet and Emeritus Professor of English, University of Notre Dame
“Here, we have unsurpassable work. A perfect synchrony of content and form, and on such a large scale that the book acts as a magnetic field. Berengarten’s Changing remodels and reinvents the ancient non-linear perception of a world that needs to be wise in order to survive.”
— Paschalis Nikolaou, Lecturer in Literary Translation, Ionian University, Corfu
“Wonderfully human and wide-ranging, with a masterly handling of forms and tones.”
— Carl Schmidt, Emeritus Fellow in English, Balliol College, Oxford
“The vision is daunting, an epic composed of lyrics, a cathedral of a poem, one in which the key element is the sound that resonates under the dome.”
— Paul Pines, poet and psychotherapist
“For more than two thousand years the Yijing has served as a stimulus to great and fertile minds, giving inspiration to poets and philosophers alike. Berengarten’s magnificent book-poem stands solidly in this tradition, providing a wealth of new and creative ways of thinking about perennial human problems.”
— Richard J. Smith, Emeritus Professor of Chinese History, Rice University, Texas

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