Buckheit, Melissa

Melissa Buckheit - Noctilucent


Melissa Buckheit - Noctilucent

Paperback, 80pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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The poems in Noctilucent begin where light exists or is created in darkness, a paradox. But this is not a "dark / light" of metaphor, but of the real and of relationship, where algae illumines the deep sea, the light of dead stars reach us from deep space, and night is a doorway, an entrance into the interior — of self, other, cosmos. Melissa Buckheit bridges human experience — personal, historical, social — into this space where the very thing which is invisible or hidden, must be spoken. There is no Truth — but truths, identity, eros, suffering, loss gleam along the interstices of the lyric as meaning embedded in a strange and musical syntax. We are surprised, as if by a pale-white, fragrant Datura blooming unforgivingly in the dark of night, by her intimacy and electric force. In Noctilucent, the beloved is every human body, a decaying salmon, or the lilts of a lover's voice — our human memory in the impermanence of the world.



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