Farrell, Patricia

Patricia Farrell - The Zechstein Sea


Patricia Farrell - The Zechstein Sea

Paperback, 86pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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"Patricia Farrell's latest collection engages in an extended thought experiment to test the philosophical veracity of language. Needless to say, language is found wanting, yet in these extraordinary enquiries something desirable is recovered. If 'the things I see when I read aren't real,' this investigation into subjects as diverse as scale, orientation, colour, light, time, animals, angels and death offers a complex and sceptical vision of a world in which 'there is only movement.' Via encounters with the troubadour poet Guillaume of Poitiers, Friedrich Hölderlin and the contemporary goldsmith Jivan Astfalck, Farrell offers 'new solutions / new songs,' whilst 'provoking new lines of thought.' This challenging work might make us feel 'hardly more than poets and not who we really are' but who cares when 'tongue play makes sense like this'?"—Scott Thurston



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