Hamilton, Lucy

Lucy Hamilton - Stalker


Lucy Hamilton - Stalker

Paperback, 90pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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Shortlisted for the Forward Prizes' Felix Dennis Prize for Best First Collection, 2012.


The insidious peril that haunts these pages appears in various guises against a backdrop of France, Germany, Greece, the USA and the UK. Stalker is a collection of prose poems in which the narrator attempts to make sense of everyday experience, turning to Rilke, Van Gogh, Steinbeck and others in her quest for understanding.

"Here is a mind engaged yet disengaged, exploring 'that line between the visible and the invisible', steeped in art and literature, empathetic to those characters on the edge—the unsettled soul, both fictional ('Who is the cloaked woman pacing the platform near the engine, trembling and distraught?') and real (the clochard 'like a winter lizard clinging to the grille over the metro vent'). Here is a fraught and fragile sensibility heightened by fear; a self explored—and exposed—through a disjunctured narrative, language and content perfectly suited to the twists and turns of the prose poem. Here is a self in constant transit, the evocation of place as intense and striking as the mind’s internal machinations." —Linda Black


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