Haslam, Michael

Michael Haslam - Mid Life


Michael Haslam - Mid Life

Paperback, 208pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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Mid Life is subtitled 'Poetry 1980-2000', and is a revised and reconsidered Collected Poems that covers the period 1980-1994 in terms of composition, and several further years of revision. The contents of this volume, in earlier versions, originally appeared as A Whole Bauble from Carcanet Press in 1995. Now much revised, this volume sums up the author's "mid-life" in compositional terms—the early period having been discarded, and the later appearing as a series of books under the overall title Music from Arc Publications. A retrospective volume in the year that the author turns 60, this book demonstrates the continuing fascination that works such as the long sequence 'Continual Song' can exert upon the reader. The opening period of the author's writing career—at least, as much of it as he will permit—is now again available for readers rightly fascinated by his more recent work.


Read the Author's notes to the poems included in this book on his website.


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