Hjelmgaard, Lynne

Lynne Hjelmgaard - The Ring


Lynne Hjelmgaard - The Ring

Paperback, 80pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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The Ring is a book-length sequence of poems where the protagonist, a new young widow, moves from the strangeness of city to city, (from Copenhagen to London to Rome to Paris) trying to come to terms with her loss while looking forward to a possible new life. The title poem concludes the volume where the widow suggestively lets go of some of her past by taking off her ring.


"The Ring has a tenuous narrative so that the whole book is powered by the synergy of related poems. This arresting sequence is much more than that of a percipient tourist. Widowhood allows them to acquire a poignant universality." —Dannie Abse

"Here's an intriguing new voice — American in tone, modernist in cadence, colloquial even at its most intense. These lyrics tell the story of a young widow traveling to forget the loss of her husband, with memories of him still fresh in touch and smell. Ms. Lynne Hjelmgaard's The Ring deserves a wide audience." —Elaine Feinstein

"Lynne Hjelmgaard has an ear for memory, for the co-existence of the imagined and the real . . . a marvelous evocation."' —Alice Notley


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