Kotowicz, Zbigniew

Zbigniew Kotowicz - Fernando Pessoa — Voices of a Nomadic Soul


Zbigniew Kotowicz - Fernando Pessoa — Voices of a Nomadic Soul

Paperback, 116pp, 8.5x5.5ins 
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With drawings and a cover painting by Aldous Eveleigh.

First published by The Menard Press in 1996, Zbigniew Kotowicz's long essay on Pessoa was the first book-length assessment of Pessoa's work in English. Twelve years later it remains an important work, and will help Anglophone readers come to grips with the astonishing work of this archetypal modernist master.


In his introduction to the book, Professor Luis de Sousa Rebelo writes — "A philosopher by training and a literary critic by vocation, the author of this study looks at old problems with new eyes… It is the freshness of his outlook and his percipience that make the reading of his work such an enthralling and stimulating adventure… In this essay Fernando Pessoa and his heteronyms are never studied in isolation but in a dialectical relationship of contradictions, paradoxes and subtleties of meaning".

"Kotowicz is a perceptive commentator on this remarkable mess of talent. He manages to disentangle the various heteronyms and their histories without descending into jargon or needlessly psychologising. He writes with admirable brevity and depth… An extremely readable book." (Times Literary Supplement)


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