Kuhl, Nancy

Nancy Kuhl - Pine to Sound


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Nancy Kuhl - Pine to Sound

Paperback, 80pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
978-1-84861-412-3 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
“If an echo is a ‘pining into sound,’ Kuhl rewrites it in a way that gives pining uncommon agency — this is not a ‘pining away’ but a pining toward, a pining into. It’s vigorous; it’s vivid, but nonetheless graceful in its manipulation of the layers and columns of the human psyche. Rangy in her syntax, tight in her rhythms and sounds, Kuhl exposes the intricacies of daily acts, events and sights, slowly extending them out beyond their own boundaries to where ghosts whisper into open mouths and the ‘past is wild but almost / over.’ This exceptional poet hits a new height with each new book, and the view from this one is great!” — Cole Swensen
“There is not a false note in this ruthless unraveling of the truth and consequence of thinking desire when intimacy and futurity are under threat. The unit of Nancy Kuhl’s poems is the clause: she stacks them, strings them together, offers them up with the shifting pronouns of relation, and with and without structures of subordination—deploying, in effect, the pulsing syntax of ‘the dangerous gap between sleep and waking.’ The result is a ‘language of tip and spill’ that leaves no choice but to examine the spillage. Such rigor is a gift, both reassuring (we’re in good hands) and dangerous: ‘we may go under we may yet drown.’ —Anna Moschovakis
‘Like Ovid’s Echo these poems long to be touched, heard, and felt through their ‘fierce signals.’ Pine to Sound aches with clarity—one can hear the ‘complex erotics’ of ‘the nervous system crackling.’ —Jen Bervin

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