Lloyd, David

David Lloyd - Arc & Sill


David Lloyd - Arc & Sill

Paperback, 150pp, 9x6ins

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"David Lloyd's two recent chapbooks, Sill and Vega, have seen his poetic writing develop a constellated elegance, drawing on the European dialectical lyric for the resonance of key terms such as 'sill', 'lintel', 'sheet', 'flock' and 'stone' but on American objectivism for its precisely-punctuated prosody. While David Lloyd can be a mighty polemicist in scholarship, his poetry is noteworthy for its extreme linguistic scrupulousness." —John Wilkinson


"Intellectual, sensuous and knowing, David Lloyd's poetry shimmers across a lyric 'I' that disappears/reappears, where conventions are toyed with, suggested, then drowned in alternative possibilities. 'Molten gold was threaded into foundations & seams gleamed in the mortar. Mother mother they cried &/drained away the vital flux into the soil'." —Maurice Scully


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