Loose, Gerry

Gerry Loose - Printed on Water


Gerry Loose - Printed on Water

Paperback, 144pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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This collection of Gerry Loose's poetry selects from thirty years of work.  As Peter Manson says in his introduction to the book — "Uniquely, Loose unites a Linnaean intoxication with names with a poet’s critical sense of the limits of Language and of naming as a process of setting limits, whether on boundary-stones marked in Ogham or in the restrictions placed on human potential by military euphemism. That Loose can combine his sense of the particular with an equally clear-eyed view of the larger dimensions of landscape, history and ethics makes him a valued, wise and above all useful friend (I can barely see further than my own nose), and makes these poems—detailed on every scale—a varifocal lens for twenty-first century eyes."


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