Odelius, Kristy

Kristy Odelius - Strange Trades


Kristy Odelius - Strange Trades

Paperback, 88pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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Strange Trades blends performances of language, verbal play, and narrative fragmentation with more conventional lyric approaches. Exploring the ways that sense is led or revealed via sound-texture, the collection frequently addresses the intellectual, domestic, and perception-based experiences of women. The poet Campbell McGrath has said of Odelius's work — "In her passionate whimsy she invokes influences from Wallace Stevens to the Robert Desnos praised by her 'Virgins of Chicago', marvelous creatures who 'who work nights at Federal/Screw Products'. Deft, dry-witted, fabulistic and musical, these are poems to be savored." Strange Trades is the first full-length collection by Kristy Odelius.



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