Redgrove, Peter

Peter Redgrove - The God of Glass


Peter Redgrove - The God of Glass

Paperback, 123pp, 8.5x5.5ins

Introduced by Jay Ramsay. Published by Stride, distributed worldwide by Shearsman Books.

This is a funny, violent book — but it is also a Morality. Geoffrey Glass, a man with a terrible secret, comes to Petroc, a village in the West Country. There is a 'plague of witches' — madness by possession — that begins to rage shortly after he has arrived. Glass' secret gives him a strange power of control over these witches, and with its aid he founds a new shamanistic religion which spreads worldwide. However, Glass' secret is a stumbling-block to his friends and a provocation to his enemies, who force him to reveal it in a climax which is both weird and moving.

Peter Redgrove wrote this story of horror and the occult in the belief that in going all out for a total experience — in going rather further than such stories normally do — he would draw attention to the real themes that are merely undercurrents in most modern stories of the supernatural. There is a strong factual basis for this remarkable fiction that makes it in no way less entertaining, but considerably more horrifying.


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