Redgrove, Peter

Peter Redgrove - The Sleep of the Great Hypnotist


Peter Redgrove - The Sleep of the Great Hypnotist

Paperback, 129pp, 8.5x5.5ins

Introduced by Cliff Ashcroft. Published by Stride, distributed worldwide by Shearsman Books.

George Pfoundes is the greatest hypnotist of his generation. He has invented an extraordinary machine, the Pfoudnes Oscilloscope, which uses the resources of television technology to achieve miraculous cures by hypnotism, even to healing the blind. Pfoundes believes that hypnotism can raise the dead — he is obsessed with the possibilities—so much enhanced by his invention — of this modern magic. Dying, he hypnotises his daughter, Angela, with his great Oscilloscope, and gives her a hypnotic command to find some means of bringing him back from the grave. How can Angela ever free herself from the posthumous personality of this terrible Father, who dies even as he holds her in the hypnotic trance?

In this novel Peter Redgrove explores the fascinating world of the strange powers of the mind revealed by hypnosis. He examines the dilemmas of both hypnotiser and hypnotised, as it might be any parent and any child, and takes some side-swipes at television's power over us all. With his customary mixture of bizarre invention, profound feeling and sexual gusto, he shows how even such an awesome Father can be conquered.


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