Christopher Middleton - Poems 2006 - 2009



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Christopher Middleton - Poems 2006 - 2009

Paperback, 182pp, 9x6ins

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Christopher Middleton remains, in his eighties, a restless and inventive poet of the very first order. This volume contains three complete collections, and is the first to be published since the author's Collected Poems were published to considerable acclaim in 2008.


"Middleton is amongst the most consistently inventive, original, and audacious of the so-called 'experimental' or 'innovative' poets of these past twenty-five years." —August Kleinzahler, Threepenny Review

From reviews of the Collected Poems — "Anyone who wants to peer into the corners of the language, and who feels they're ready for a challenge, will find enough insight and innovation in this collection to keep them happy for years." —Frances Leviston, The Guardian

"If the self-belittling complacency of most mainstream volumes can elicit a weary, Marianne Moore-like 'I, too, dislike it' in even the most ardent poetry-enthusiast, this momentous accumulation of more than 60 years' work by an exiled maverick luminary should act as a widespread restorer of faith, a kick-start for any writer who values imaginative exuberance over mere zany anecdotalism, and a counter-example so fecund in its untiring inventiveness and stylistic range that it reads almost like a primer of late- and post-Modernist poetics, a gloriously suggestive compendium of missed opportunities and unpursed bridleways in post-war English poetry. At the same time, this is magnanimous, approachable work steeped in a plurality of cultural traditions — Christopher Middleton remains, as Douglas Dunn suggests, 'an avant-garde poet we can actually read.'" —Oliver Dixon, The Wolf

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