Deborah Meadows - Goodbye Tissues


Deborah Meadows - Goodbye Tissues

Paperback, 100pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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Deborah Meadows' Goodbye Tissues constructs a conduit connecting the sharpened margins of the cleaved world. Whose voice can converse with her "speech's speech" emitting from the inward-spiral of security and denial—a place of "toxic outflow beyond fruitful bounty"? Meadows posits a "poetational" reply—one that is urging both a hyperrational poetic thought and identification with an a-national community. An intensely thoughtful and thought-provoking investigation, Goodbye Tissues leads the reader away from no-thought discourse ("intelligence as it's called) into response-ability ("A thing should be repaired by the one who made it…") and toward possibility where "part of its essence acquires another, other, …or something between them." —Diane Ward


From Anglo-Saxon diphthongs to that mysterious three-dimensional mirrored state of being, the enantiomorph, from Aquinas to Hoelderlin to California, Deborah Meadows takes us on a journey through the tissues of memory and the patchwork of images that make up our contemporary world of learning, consuming and creating. —John Tranter

Deborah Meadows' laser-focus concentration at tracing the lines, legacies, and projections of culture at large (philosophy, science, literature, politics) filling in, double-dotting, scratching out, curving and looping unexpected connections, is a kind of historicist pencil-work that brings to mind such contemporary forces as Harryette Mullen and Rosmarie Waldrop in its dedication to social process re-think as poesis. From concept scratchpad to foundry to wordwork's "hot end", Goodbye Tissues means to openly engage the distributive dimension of words which we commonly call The Book. This is to say, this is a hot book!  —Rodrigo Toscano






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