Frances Presley - Lines of sight


Frances Presley - Lines of sight

Paperback, 116pp, 9x6ins

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Frances Presley's Lines of sight brings together all her poems from 'Stone settings and longstones', a sequence framed by the Neolithic stone monuments on Exmoor. The poems reflect the fragile, elusive and even disputed existence of these sites, as well as the resistant landscape which surrounds them. They reveal, too, more recent layers of history, and the creation of new stone settings. The writings of a local woman archaeologist are a source of rediscovery and radical realignment. This sequence forms part of a collaboration and performance with Tilla Brading. Other monuments are engaged with in 'Female figures' — the rare statues of women in public spaces. The figures chosen are Queen Anne, Margaret Thatcher and Julian of Norwich. The final sequence 'The first book of her life', includes a meditation on the war experiences of Frances Presley's mother, and creatively rereads an old Dutch dictionary and primer, in a search for origins of identity and language.


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