Lars Amund Vaage - The Mute


Lars Amund Vaage - The Mute

Paperback, 80pp. 8.5x5.5ins

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Translated from Norwegian by Kenneth Steven. Translation supported by NORLA, Norwegian Literature Abroad.


The mute—perhaps especially he—can be expressive too. That is one of the claims/assertions Lars Amund Vaage develops in these poems. Many of the poems concern work. Work can also be creation, language, initiation. But, in the great circle of life and death, work can also represent a loss of meaning. Love is a central theme, with its power to create.

"In Lars Amund Vaage's book of poems past and present run together in wordless memories. And the old tradition with hard and plentiful work on the farm is at least an inner, psychological part of today's society. The voice in this book is personal and warm, and with its precise detail and sudden, unexpected metaphors the poems have a powerful, dense meaning. They are never superficially trendy; rather they are independent and come from within; they are sensitive and wise. Vaage's The Mute is fundamental and magnificent poetry" —Tore Elias Hoel, Dag og Tid


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