Lisa Samuels - Wild Dialectics


Lisa Samuels - Wild Dialectics

Paperback, 84pp, 9x6in 
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This poetry unhinges the sensible cultural body and activates other oscillations of the sensible, which chime with acts of love and political subjects resuturing what are given to be facts. The poems are verbal machineries of encounter, brain music in relational life.  


Lisa Samuels's Wild Dialectics forges imaginary rhythms into speculative anthems. These lyrics of elusive logos ghost provisional conditions of enduring transience. With stunning poise, Samuels holds out for holding on to the inherent insistence of words' translucent pilgrimage. —Charles Bernstein

I am profoundly moved by Wild Dialectics, doing one of the best kinds of work that a poet and her poetry can do. Experience and perception are fully nuanced here, compressed into the body-mind of a guide to the full if even at times partial details; a rewire, making possible and thereby making accessible. Wild Dialectics is resonant with sense and fat with the joy of humane linguistic creative subtlety. The ear and eye, body and mind, are jumped into serious play both along and between these lines. Lisa Samuels tells it straight and tells it true; which is why we might not see that to be so, we are not used to straight and true. Her attention and perceptions are sharp as they come, subtle arguments released through sensual fracture. —cris cheek


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