Mark Goodwin - Else


Mark Goodwin - Else

Paperback, 108pp, 8.5x5.5ins 
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Else is Mark Goodwin's first full-length collection and reflects his deep interest in what has been termed 'landscape' — whether that be on a run-down housing estate on the rim of Leicester, in an ancient stone circle on the edge of the Hebrides, or in amongst the intricacies of Cornish coastland. This collection spans over 15 years of work, and many of the poems chart Mark's ever changing relationships with those he loves.


"Mark Goodwin's vision is tough and resourceful, depicting 'the severe comfort of truth' in language that is muscular yet thoughtful. He is interested in the ways in which the natural world gives and takes. He explores the balance between human experience and the rich yet challenging possibilities of the environment. He also examines the tenderness and distress of the domestic.

 In these poems Goodwin is in the world right up to the hilt of his senses. An exciting and notable debut." (Penelope Shuttle)

"It's thrilling to welcome a new poet into the company of our seriously exciting younger nature writers such as Kathleen Jamie and Robert Macfarlane …Mark Goodwin is a poet whose surround-senses are as alert as an animal's, and whose writing is exceptionally grounded in so many of the complexities of being fully human." (Catherine Byron)


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